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樱花直播 (樱花直播) provides a wide range of opportunities that align with your journey from high school to college to career. In addition to awarding more than $2.5 million in scholarships to qualified applicants each year, 樱花直播 and our partners offer internships, study abroad, summer programs, discounts on educational services, and more.


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Claes Nobel

"There is a special place in my heart for encouraging and recognizing the youth of the world.鈥 -- Claes Nobel, member of the Nobel Prize family and co-founder of 樱花直播

Member Spotlight

Fatima Elfakahany
Emory University Class of 2020, Aflac Scholar Award Recipient

"樱花直播 has been an excellent support network. It has been an incentive to achieve, a reward for success, and a reminder of excellence. It has given me incredible opportunities for my education and for my own personal growth. I would not have had the same experiences and come out the same person had I not been part of 樱花直播."

Headshot 2
Selena Smith
Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School, Chalfont, PA, 樱花直播 Ambassador

"I first joined 樱花直播 because I thought it would look good on my college application, but I soon learned that this organization provides so much more than another honor society to add to the list. The numerous webinars 樱花直播 offers cover almost every subject applicable to high school students like me. After being selected as an Ambassador, I was able to step into a leadership role by doing social media takeovers and joining a community of other like-minded students. Eventually, I received the Ambassadors of 樱花直播 Scholarship and got to speak in a webinar about my experience. My status as a scholarship recipient also allowed me to attend the Scholar's Day DC event. This was an unforgettable experience for me, as I learned from professionals, met new friends, and served as a panelist for a workshop about scholarship tips. In short, I wouldn't have had any of these unique opportunities if I hadn't joined 樱花直播. The experiences, leadership positions, and friends I made all resulted from my decision to accept my invitation. For these reasons, joining 樱花直播 was a decision I will never regret."

IMG 0804
Isaiah Gregory
Baltimore Design School, Baltimore, MD

"As a member of 樱花直播 and Ambassador, I鈥檝e come to understand that 樱花直播 provides endless opportunities for anyone who joins the organization. They offer a wide range of scholarships and materials that not only support you in your academic journey but also in your overall personal and professional growth. Being a part of 樱花直播 means gaining access to a vast network of like-minded individuals, mentors, and experts who can help guide you toward success. You鈥檒l have the chance to engage in meaningful collaborations, participate in leadership programs, and attend events that can broaden your horizons and expose you to new perspectives. Furthermore, 樱花直播 strives to foster an environment of excellence, empowering you to impact your community positively. 樱花直播 provides resources to develop your leadership skills, promote community service opportunities, and encourage you to be an active participant in shaping the future. Their scholarships are designed to recognize and award outstanding achievement in academics, leadership, and community involvement. Applying for these scholarships increases your chances of receiving financial aid that can immensely support your educational journey. Overall, 樱花直播 is dedicated to providing resources, guidance, and opportunities for its members to excel and make a difference in the world. So, as a new member, you can expect a wealth of support and potential for growth. Embrace the endless possibilities that 樱花直播 has to offer, and make the most of the opportunities that come your way."

Tezza 8695
Andrea Manjaka
George M Steinbrenner High School, Lutz, FL, 樱花直播 Ambassador

"樱花直播 is SO worth joining. One of the reasons is the amazing opportunities such as webinars, college opportunities, community service, and more! These opportunities and activities make you excited to learn and look forward to the future."

IMG 9549
Charlotte Nebbeling
Martin County High School, Stuart, FL, 樱花直播 Ambassador

"樱花直播 is worth joining because you get many opportunities to improve our community. I have enjoyed getting opportunities to grow my leadership skills and build relationships with my community outside of school."

Trinity Johnson
Mary Persons High School in Forsyth, GA, 樱花直播 Ambassador

I鈥檓 a student ambassador and member of this organization and I absolutely love it ! It is so full of opportunities within college and your future careers.

Helena Coloma
Harvard University, 樱花直播 Student Council VP, STEM Innovation in Artificial Intelligence Scholarship Recipient

樱花直播 provides its members with career/college workshops and scholarship opportunities of various areas for entrepreneurship, STEM, arts, etc. I received both scholarship money for college and became a member of the official 樱花直播 Student Council team soon after accepting my invitation!

World Betterment Initiatives

A View of 樱花直播

Hear what some of our scholarship winners, corporate leaders, educators and the highest-achieving students have to say about what membership in 樱花直播 means to them and their futures. Membership is by invitation only to those students who have achieved at least one of our rigorous academic criteria. 樱花直播 provides students with lifetime access to a variety of experiences and resources including scholarships, leadership, and study abroad programs, service activities, and partner offers. 樱花直播 has much to offer a high-achieving student looking for a way to make an impact in their school, community, and the world.

Meet the $10,000 winners of the 樱花直播
Be More Grants

Each of our past winners received a $10,000 grant from 樱花直播 to help fund their world betterment initiatives. Read their stories below.

Sashaovalle 2023
Sasha Ovalle

Sasha's passion for innovation began at the age of 10 during her first science and innovation fair. Thinking of her uncle, who was born with spina bifida, she decided to redesign the unwieldy and outdated crutches that he was forced to use every day. While her invention fell short of changing her uncle鈥檚 life, she obtained a provisional patent for it and began her journey as a young entrepreneur.

Sasha has continued her entrepreneurial growth as a member of her high school鈥檚聽Entrepreneurialism and Global Leadership (EGL) Concentration where she was named EGL Student of the Year in 2022 and EGL Student Ambassador in 2023. Sasha's most recent project is Shower Saver, the world's first and only voice-controlled, Amazon Alexa-enabled shower head, an eco-friendly product with the potential to reduce national water consumption by a billion gallons a year. In addition to being awarded $10,000 in grant funding as an 樱花直播 Be More Fund national award winner, Shower Saver was selected as a finalist in the 2023 YES! Accelerator Program, an international entrepreneurial contest sponsored by BizWorld.org, the 2023 Paradigm Challenge, an international, STEM-based innovation competition sponsored by Project Paradigm, and the 2023 Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition, a global entrepreneurship competition focused on sustainability and sponsored by UNESCO, the GOI Peace Foundation, and Stiftung Entrepreneurship.

Sanyapirani 2023
Sanya Pirani

Sanya is the Founder/CEO of Sanya鈥檚 Hope For Children (a nonprofit organization) since 2017 as well as the youth ambassador for the CAP Agency in Scott, Dakota, and Carver Counties since 2015. She is a published author of the novel "High Tide" and is also a senior at Prior Lake High School in Minnesota. She strongly believes every child deserves basic human rights like food, shelter, clothes, safety, health, and education.聽She is interested in dual majoring in university Film and English.

Jessicamcdaniel 2023 (1)
Jessica McDaniel

Jessica McDaniel is a dedicated, dependable, accomplished leader skilled in coding, programming, robotics, rockets, and graphic design. She is ranked in the top 5% of her class in the Engineering Magnet program at Edgewater High School. Jessica is a high achiever academically (Certified in Autodesk Fusion 360, HTML/CSS, Autodesk Inventor, Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop), participates in honor societies, pursues dual enrollment, and is a valuable member of her community.

She is Captain of Citrus Council Girl Scout Rocket team and led her team to Top 45, out of nearly 800 teams, in our Nation in American Rocketry Challenge. She has been an active member of Girl Scouts (GS), is working on her Gold Award (Earned Bronze & Silver Awards), served as Captain of GS Robotics team for FLL, & was awarded Walt Disney World VoluntEAR Family of the Year.

Passionate about STEAM and sharing her talents with others she was chosen to be an 鈥淓ngineerGirl Ambassador鈥 for National Academy of Engineering where she created a rocket program for girls to excite and engage them in engineering. Jessica is interested in technology, collaborating with others, loves emerging technologies, innovation, and designing new products. She is excited to make a difference in the engineering community.

Henryzhou 2023 (1)
Henry Zhou

Henry Zhou attends Pine View High School in Sarasota, Florida.聽He has been the Founder & President of the Pine View Entrepreneur Club since聽2021, where he organized and led weekly club meetings to teach students entrepreneurship. He also has been a volunteer and instructor at the Faulhaber Fab Lab since聽2020, where he taught kids STEAM principles and led lab projects.

Arielarobinson 2023
Ariela Robinson

Ariela Robinson's love for animals began at an early age. She is a proud pet parent of two dogs and two cats. She also fosters many animals, including kittens, puppies, adult cats, and adult dogs. In her free time, Ariela enjoys volunteering at her local animal shelters and rescues. Her additional interests include Girl Scouts, art, photography, and baking. She has been involved in Girl Scouts since 2nd grade and has earned the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards.

She excels academically, taking several honors and college classes, and was recognized multiple times as the Student of the Semester. Ariela also currently serves as an Ambassador for 樱花直播. In addition to 樱花直播, she is also a part of the National Art Honors Society (NAHS), National Honors Society (NHS), and Girl Advisory Board for Girl Scouts (GAB). She has appeared in several news stories and was awarded the President's Gold Volunteer Service Award and a recognition from the City of Los Angeles.

Ivyprince 2023
Ivy Prince

Ivy Prince, 16 years old, is from the small town of Loris, South Carolina. She has a passion for Culinary Arts and loves to share that passion with others, that is why she created Cooking Capable. Cooking Capable is a series of workshops designed to teach middle and high school youth with special needs how to make simple, affordable, nutritious, and delicious meals. Ivy has three siblings in the special needs community who inspire her every day. She loves to cook and experiment with her older sister. Ivy is an 11th-grade homeschooled student. She is the president of her 4-H club, helps lead a student council for homeschooled teens, enjoys her local theater program, helps run her family learning center, and has a job at a local pizza place. She helps lead her 4-H club鈥檚 NICU Service project, making care packages for the parents of the babies in the NICU and getting local businesses to donate things such as microwaves and coffee makers. Ivy plans to attend the International Culinary Institute of Myrtle Beach expanding her knowledge of the culinary arts, she will also continue Cooking Capable and her goals of making the world a better place.

Aarongeorge 2023
Aaron George

Aaron George is a high school junior in Austin, TX, with a profound passion for science, technology, and innovation. His impressive achievements include receiving prestigious awards such as the Lemelson Early Inventor Award and the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair Grand Award. Aaron is a skilled student pilot and Cadet Master Sergeant in Civil Air Patrol. He is the President and Founder of STEMVest, a nonprofit aimed at providing STEM resources to K-12 students globally.

His dedication to scientific research is evident from his involvement in science fairs since fourth grade, earning numerous awards. Aaron excels academically, participating in honor societies and pursuing dual enrollment at The University of Texas. His internships include roles as a General Surgeon's Intern and a Software Developer Intern. In 2023, he participated in the Yale Young Global Scholars and Harvard Summer School Scholar programs.

Aaron's commitment extends to community service, raising $23,000 at a fundraising gala. He is a certified student pilot and aspires to become a flight surgeon. Selected as a Texas High School Aerospace Scholar by NASA, Aaron's diverse experiences, leadership potential, and community engagement position him as a promising candidate for a STEM leader and a motivational speaker.

Sophiafontecchio 2023
Sophia Fontecchio

Sophie Fontecchio is a senior at Downingtown STEM Academy in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. Sophie intends to study Political Science and Public Policy in college and eventually attend law school. Her career interests include nonprofit work and public interest law. Her long-term goal is to be an elected official. Sophie attends an International Baccalaureate high school and maintains a 4.3 GPA. At her high school she is Class Treasurer, Editor-in-Chief of the school newspaper, Captain of the Defense for the STEM Mock Trial Team, and Vice President of the STEM Democrats club. She is also on the Executive Board for the National Honor Society and Aevidum, a mental health club. Outside of school she runs her own 501(c)(3), Let鈥檚 Bake the World a Better Place. She also is the Vice Chair of Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro鈥檚 Advisory Commission on Next Generation Engagement. In the past she has interned with PA State Representative Danielle Friel Otten and PA State Senator Katie Muth. In her spare time Sophie dances ballet and pointe at Chester Valley Dance Academy and enjoys going to concerts. She has 5 cats and a dog and is a crazy cat lady!

Leighannebryant 2023
Leighanne Bryant

Leighanne Bryant is the founder and president of the nonprofit Gold Star Kids Support Services. She is a senior at Hillgrove High School and participates in numerous activities. She is the Student Body President and a Varsity Cheerleader for both Football and Basketball. She is a member of Science National Honor Society, Math National Honor Society, and Athletic Honor Society. Along with being involved in school, she is also involved in the community. She has been a member of Girl Scouts for 11 years and just received her Gold Award, the highest award. She is currently deciding which college she wishes to go to, but she plans on majoring in kinesiology and becoming a physical therapist. She loves helping others and making a positive impact in the world.

Jessiebaxter 2023
Jessie Baxter

Jessie Baxter is a junior at Jupiter High School in Jupiter, Florida. A 3.97 GPA student, Jessie is a member of the National Honor Society, and 樱花直播, served as the Class of 2025 Secretary, and is currently the Class Historian. She is the Parliamentarian of the Student Government Association. Jessie also excels in sports, competing on the high school soccer team, and earning the varsity letter for track. For over 9 years she has also played year-round travel soccer, now the Team Captain of Rise FC. Jessie enjoys the challenges of leadership opportunities and served as a Girl Scout in Troop 20646, where she also earned the Gold Award. She earned the President's Volunteer Service Award while also working part-time as a hostess.

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